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I want to be a Food or Commercial Vendor

Thank you for being part of the 2017 Northern Wisconsin State Fair (NWSF). We value our Exhibitors/Concessionaires and trust that you will provide quality products, clean/pleasant stands, conduct business ethically and responsibly. We are here to help you succeed and together we can create the best environment for our customers to enjoy.

Because of the diverse nature of the fair many Exhibitors/Concessionaires have needs that may exceed the normal use of utilities, space allocation and/or location. The NWSF will do our very best to accommodate your needs; however, when these needs exceed the basic standards it becomes necessary to assess extra fees.

Exhibitors & Concessionaires

The NWSF reserves the right to determine locations for all booths and stands licensed for the fair. Food and direct sales concessionaires will be assessed a percent (%) of the daily gross sales "net" of applicable sales taxes, or amount of deposit, whichever is greater. Exhibitors & Concessionaires will be assessed for all days and hours of operations (including set-up day Tuesday, July 11th if you are open for business). Our goal is to create a large variety of products for customer appeal, while generating high profits for our Exhibitors & Concessionaires. We expect honesty when reporting daily sales as it is part of our criteria for inviting you back in subsequent years. We have done this for many years and an honest partnership is important to the continued success of the NWSF.

Exhibit Buildings

Exhibit buildings will be open to the public from 11:00 am to 10:00pm, Wednesday through Saturday and 11:00 am to 7:00pm on Sunday. Exhibit buildings will open at 10:30am for vendor access during the fair. If you need access to Exhibit buildings before 10:30 am contact the Main Office.

Set-up and Tear Down

You may begin setting up your stand on Monday, July 10 from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm and Tuesday, July 11th from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Overnight security will be on the grounds starting Tuesday, July 11th through Sunday, July 16th. Prior to setting up your stand you must report to the Main Office to get your passes for gate admission, confirm your site location and to confirm your deposit is paid in full. Tear down will not be permitted before 7:00 pm on Sunday, July 16th the last day of the Fair. Early tear down is in violation of your License Agreement.

Utility Needs

Concessions needing extra electricity requirements, water hookup, camping facilities and additional space will be assessed on a daily basis. Additional installation of utilities (electricity & water) must be completed with NWSF approved contractors or personnel and will be billed to concessionaires. Any modifications to grounds, buildings and/or utilities must be approved by NWSF administration. Contact the Main Office at 715-723-2861 for all your special needs prior to set-up.

Tables & Chairs

Tables & Chairs are not included with your booth. If needed, 6 foot banquet tables and chairs are available and must be ordered in advance of booth set up. Tables are $5.00 each and one folding chair per booth is available free of charge if ordered prior to July 10th.

Camping & Product Trailers

Camping and Trailer parking is available for vendors on a first come first serve basis. Camping is limited with no sewer hook-ups available during the fair at the following rates:

  • 20 amp electrical service - $15/night.
  • 30 amp electrical service - $20/night
  • 50 amp electrical service - $30/night

One vehicle per campsite is allowed (car or pickup). Please complete the Fair Campsite Reservation Form to reserve campsites. Refrigerated storage trailers that need electrical service will be assessed at the rates listed above. Non refrigerated trailers will be parked in the designated trailer parking lot area. Please contact grounds crew for specific location before placing on fairgrounds.


Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds is “Travel Green Wisconsin “certified. We ask all vendors/concessionaires to recycle as much as possible. Use recycling bins whenever possible. All cardboard must be broken down and piled up next to trash bins so it can be picked up by grounds crew. Grease must be put in grease reciprocals and we ask that you turn off any additional lights whenever possible to save energy. Turn off water supply to save water and we ask that you purchase Local Foods and supplies for our supporting sponsors to create a green footprint.

Bottle Water & Ice

Gordy's Market/NWSF labeled bottled water and American Ice (20 lb bags) is the only bottled water and ice used at the Fair. No bottled water or bags of ice can be brought into the Fairgrounds. Please contact the Fair Office for pricing and water & ice delivery times throughout the day. We anticipate the same pricing as we have in past years.


Pepsi is a Major NWSF sponsor and will be the Exclusive Non Alcoholic Beverage Provider "excluding water" in 2017. Note: no can soda or larger bottles of soda can be sold. Pepsi 20 oz products can be sold from $2.00 - $2.50 each. No outside beverages can be brought in to be sold. Please contact Fair Office for products available along with pricing and delivery process. Pepsi personnel will be onsite each morning to refill and/or check each location. All Pepsi products must be purchased & billed through NWSF Office and concessionaires must report sales daily with the NWSF Vendor Manager.


The NWSF will evaluate each Exhibitor/Concessionaire and reserves the right to eliminate the bottom two grossing concessions from the following year's licensee list. We want you as a partner to provide quality, value, service and cleanliness to all fairgoers. We want you to share your enthusiasm and be highly profitable for this event. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations to help create that experience that keeps the crowds coming year after year.

We ask all Exhibitors/Concessionaires to review the Concession and Exhibit Standards document for additional guidelines and requirements.

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