2017 Vendor Application
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2017 Vendor Application

2017 Food/Merchandise Vendor Application

Vendor Registration/Application

This is an application for commercial exhibit space at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. This is not a License. Do not send payment at this time. All applications will be reviewed based on the uniqueness and quality of products sold and/or services exhibited. Appearance of space/booth and references from other fairs or shows will be taken into consideration prior to offering a license. We reserve the right to accept/reject any application.

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Business Phone Number
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Address Line 1
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Postal Code
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Exhibitor & Booth Information

Previous Vendor

I would like my vendor space to be

If Outdoor- (Feet Frontage x Feet Deep)
Does the sale of your product require a demonstration or a pitch presentation?

Do you plan to hold a contest, raffle, registration for a prize drawing, or give-a-way?

Are you requesting permission to use a microphone?

Did You Answer yes to any of the above 3 questions?
Answer yes or no, if yes give short description
Below please list ALL items to be sold, exhibited and/or demonstrated. Gifts, novelties, and craft items must be specifically and individually listed. Food Vendors list all foods to be offered. If a food product is imported, list the country of origin. If approved for space, there is no guarantee all items requested/listed below will be approved;; however, products cannot be sold if they are not listed on this application. If you are providing a service or information, please explain what you will offer. If you need more space, please enclose a separate piece of paper.
Products Offered
Please describe/list the products sold/displayed


Food or Merchandise Vendor

20AMP or less (110v) $5.00
30AMP (110v or 110v) $10.00
50AMP (110v or 110v) $15.00
100AMP (110v or 220v) $30.00
Additional100AMP (110v or 220v) $25.00

Utility, Service, Refrigerated Trailers (Additional Electrical hookup requests)

20AMP (110v or 110v) $5.00
30AMP (110v or 110v) $10.00
50AMP (110v or 110v) $15.00
100AMP (110v or 220v) $30.00
Additional100AMP (110v or 220v) $25.00
List ALL amps, volts, & equipment as seen above
Total Electrical Request
List amps, volts, then cost
Will you need WIFI? Will be an extra charge of $25.00

Number of Chairs needed?
These will be free of charge
Number of tables needed?
This will be a $5.00 fee per table
Include a clear color photograph or a detailed professional schematic drawing of your exhibit **APPLICATIONS WITHOUT ONE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED
Will you be Camping? Must then also complete and submit camping form

Liability Insurance through NWSF? Must then fill out and submit insurance form

Please provide 2 references: Name of fair/show, address, contact person, position, email, phone #
references from past fairs, hobby or trade shows
Please NOTE: If you answered yes to either of the above two questions, you MUST complete and submit the forms for those as well. The forms can be found under the tab "fair" and then "I want to be a food or commercial vendor"

I agree to the terms and conditions


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