Chippewa County Meat Animal Program

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Chippewa County Meat Animal Program

This program has been developed by county and industry leaders to provide educational experiences, youth leadership in livestock/animal production, and sustainability for Chippewa County Junior Exhibitors.

This program is in addition to the Northern Wisconsin State Fair (NWSF) Junior Exhibit opportunities as referenced within the annual NWSF Exhibitor Guidebook.

The NWSF Chippewa County Meat Animal Program objectives are:
• To provide Chippewa County 4-H and FFA members an inclusive opportunity to responsibly lead, manage and celebrate quality market animal livestock projects
• To educate a thorough understanding of the meat animal industry and evaluation, animal husbandry, ethical care and treatment of animals, biosecurity, and showmanship skills

2023 MAP Leadership Team
NWSF Liaisons – Cindy Boggess and/or Rusty Volk
2023 Co-Chairs - Jill Kuehni (Operations) & Jackie Johnson (Education)
Vice Chair (Elect) – Amy Hilger (Membership)
Secretary – Kimberly Breuch
Treasurer – Steve Mayer

MAP and NWSF Beef Superintendent – Tyler Maier
MAP and NWSF Swine Superintendent – Tim Sikora
MAP and NWSF Sheep Superintendent – Tammy Knuth

The 2023 participant registration deadline has passed. All registrants have received confirmation.

If you have any questions, please reach out or review the 2023 MAPS Overview.

Educational Opportunities

  • *Two in-person educational opportunities are required for MAP members to sell at the NWSF MAP Auction. Additional offerings are included below to provide youth with educational opportunities to strengthen their knowledge about the livestock industry. If you have questions about the offerings below, please contact Jackie Johnson.

  • We encourage you to reach out if it is your first year showing and/or would like to be assigned to a Mentor. Mentors serve in a volunteer capacity and can assist with best practices for selecting an animal, animal husbandry skills and/or helping with showing techniques. Reach out to Jill or Jackie for more information.

  • *NWSF MAP Meat Animal Judging
  • Skill training will begin in the winter with applicable team contests being held in Spring and Summer. The participants will utilize Google Meet and practice in person. Time commitment is 20+ hours. The MAP Meat Animal Judging coaches are three UW-River Falls Livestock Judging Team members and former NWSF exhibitors: Ben Steffes; Kelsey Kuehni and Taylor Lindsay.
  • *NWSF MAP Livestock Judging
  • Skill training will begin in the Winter with team contests in the Spring and Summer. The participants will utilize Google Meet and practice in person. Time commitment is 20+ hours. The MAP Livestock Judging coaches are Jill Kuehni and Jackie Johnson, assisted by past NWSF livestock exhibitors: Ben Steffes, Kelsey Kuehni, and Taylor Lindsay.
  • *NWSF MAP Tri County Skillathon & Agricultural Communications
  • Skill training will begin in the Winter with the team contests next Spring and Summer. The participants will utilize Google Meet and practice in person. Time commitment is 20+ hours. The MAP Skillathon is coordinated by Tammy Knuth and Jill Kuehni.
*Badger Lambing School - Register:
The University of Wisconsin – Madison Arlington Research Station Sheep Unit will be your learning laboratory on February 18-19, 2023! Join Outreach Specialist Todd Taylor, Extension Educators, and guest speakers Dan Smercheck and Kay Nelson, DVM, to learn about ewe and lamb nutrition, veterinarian care, and record keeping; gain hands-on experience processing lambs, observing and assisting with the birthing process.

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program Series
April 29 - Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Building (MSABD) Tour

*Bison Butchering at Wathke's - Already completed
*Livestock Nutrition, 2/28 Hosted by Duncan Creek 4-H Club - Already completed

Arlington Sheep Day, April 1
For more information, visit:

  • *Hands-on Beef Clinic - Eau Claire County will be hosting this in May/June.
  • *Hands-on Swine Clinic - Dunn County will be hosting in the Spring.
  • *Hands-on Sheep Clinic - Chippewa County (Knuth Family) will host in the Spring.

  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and family to ensure that required education MAP expectations are met. Information shared is for your benefit and learning experience.

  • MAP Education Form:

Important NWSF Meat Animal Program Dates

October 17 - Q&A MAP Introduction Meeting (NWSF Building C)
November 1 - MAP Registration Deadline
November 4 - MAP Registration Extended Deadline
November 6 - Mandatory MAP Overview Meeting (Bloomer HS Commons, 6pm)
December 10 - Beef Weigh-In (Equity Cooperative, 10-Noon)
January 10 - YQCA In-Person/Instructor-Led Training (Bloomer HS Commons, 6pm)
*If you attended the January 10 in-person YQCA training, you will need to log into your YQCA account and take the pre-test. Next Jackie will assign your certification. After that, you will need to take a post-test. Finally, your certification will be able to be downloaded and printed.
February 28 - Caleb (Big Grain) Livestock Nutrition (Auburn Feed and Seed, 6:30pm)
March 11 - NWSF MAP + UWRF Tour (UW-River Falls, 10am)
April 1 - Sheep Weigh-In (Eagle Point Town Hall, 9-10am)
April 13 - NWSF MAP Tri-County Skillathon and Agricultural Communications Competition (NWSF Building C, 6pm)
April 15 - YQCA In-Person/Instructor-Led Training (Bloomer HS Commons, 9am)
After April 15 - NWSF Exhibit Book Available
June 13 - Mandatory MAP Pre-NWSF Meeting (NWSF Junior Exhibits Building, 6pm)
June 21 - Deadline to register to exhibit at the NWSF
June 21 - Deadline to submit all MAP, Animal Health, and YQCA Paperwork
July 12-16 - Northern Wisconsin State Fair
July 19 - NWSF MAP Awards Ceremony (NWSF Building C, 6pm)

Additional In-Person Education and Area Shows

Swine Jackpot Shows
More information is found on the WI SHOW Pig Association webpage or Facebook page
April 28 - UWRF Block & Brindle, Ellsworth
April 29 - UWRF Block & Bridle, Ellsworth
May 7 - Pioneer Showdown, Lancaster
May 14 - Wisco Elite, Jefferson
May 20 - Two shows at Northwoods Knock Out, Ellsworth
May 27 - Stars and Stripes, Union Grove
May 28 - Uff Da!, TBA Sunday
June 4 - WLBA, Jefferson
June 11 - Amherst Spring Showcase, Amherst
TBD - WSPA Grand Finale, Jefferson

Beef Jackpot Shows
More information about each show found on each show’s Facebook page.
There are many out-of-state beef Jackpot shows. You can Google the state you would like.
Wisconsin shows for the spring/summer:
April 14-16 Black River Falls Spring Thaw, Black River Falls
April 30 - UWRF Block & Bridle, Ellsworth
May 6-7 - Pioneer Showdown, Lancaster
May 20 - Northwoods Premiere, Medford
May 21 - Northwoods Knockout, Ellsworth
There are usually five more shows in Southern and Eastern Wisconsin. Dates and Locations have not been announced yet

Sheep Jackpot Shows
More information can be found on the WI Club Lamb webpage.
April 29-30 UWRF Block & Bridle Pioneer Showdown
May 6/7 at Lancaster

Exhibitions in area County Fairs also can be counted as in-person training.
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