Barn Replacement Project - New NWSFA Agriculture Campus

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Barn Replacement Project - New NWSFA Agriculture Campus

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair Barn Replacement Project is getting closer to completion. The main delay is the Safe Room special-order doors and we are eagerly waiting for the concession stand area to be completed. We encountered an unexpected $250,000 increase in the Safe Room project due to escalating special equipment expenses from original projections in 2022.

This project incurred additional expenses for animal pens, street lighting, concession stand equipment, security cameras, and heating for the L.E. Phillips building, increasing the overall project expense. For these expenses, we are extending fundraising efforts to generate an additional $450,000 to complete the Barn Replacement Project and Safe Room. Exclusive and/or annual Naming Rights remain available for the Safe Room building and the cattle barn facing State Street. All donations will be recognized and listed for as long as we operate and manage the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair Association, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, public charity. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the Department of Revenue. To make a donation, please contact: Rusty Volk, Executive Director, or 715.723,2861 ext. 102

Together we can complete the Agriculture Campus for the next generation.

Thank you for your past and continued support of the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds Agricultue Campus.

Project Overview

April 9, 2019, was a sad day as our Show Barn/Coliseum (Red Barn) had to be taken down due to structural concerns. After 130 years of service, a portion of the roof collapsed rendering the building unsafe. While we will never forget the history and memories of the Red Barn, we now have serious needs to be addressed.

Our remaining 100-year-old swine/sheep barn and two cattle barns are beyond repair and the time has come to replace animal barns and show arena facilities. Due to cost savings, excavation for utilities/stormwater, and building/environmental codes, the Fair Board is proposing to address our entire barn area to sustain animal exposition for future generations.

These facilities are critical for continued youth education in agriculture, and animal exhibition needs for dairy & beef cattle and other species (goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas…). New barn facilities will eliminate current tent rental expenses and increase non-fair events with additional revenues to aid operations.

This project will greatly impact our economy and tourism in Chippewa Falls and our region. We ask for your financial support for this project that will benefit our community and citizens of all ages in the entire region.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Rusty Volk at or call 715-723-2861 Ext. 102.

Thank you for your support!

Donor Levels

Name Amount Frequency Recognition
Profiteers $750,000-$1,249,999 3–5-year Barn 4 or 5 (Name in your honor)
Harvesters $500,000-$749,999 3–5-year Barn 2 or 3 (Name in your honor)
Growers $250,000-$499,999 3–5-year Rest/shower, HVAC, Elec, Plumb
Seedlings $100,000-$249,999 3–5-year Pens, Milking, Arena, Concession
Fertilizers $50,000 - $99,999 1-year Washing area, Overhead Doors
Planters $10,000 - $49,999 1-year Signage(Digital) Audio/Video
Tillers $1,000 - $9,999 1-year Other materials

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