Economic Impact

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Economic Impact

The Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds (NWSF) is a private nonprofit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization that owns and manages all capital improvements and new development on the property. The NWSF provides ground and facilities to promote events and attractions, enhancing the economic viability of our community. Working closely with the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce, Chippewa Falls Main Street, community businesses, local service organizations, and public and private schools to generate tourism dollars and improve the quality of life for our citizens while generating revenues to meet the needs of the nonprofit organization in our region.

The NWSF is home to the annual regional Northern Wisconsin State Fair and many other events throughout the summer. The annual Fair hosts over 100,000 attendees and generates $7,436,000 in direct economic impact dollars into the Chippewa Valley. The total economic impact of the annual Fair event for the region is $12,641,200 as these dollars turn over again and again. Besides the annual Fair, the NWSF hosts numerous festivals and events for the city, county, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses. The annual direct economic impact of events held at the Fairgrounds is $10,501,175 and the total annual economic impact is $17,851,998.

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